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jordandnq (site web) Le 29/01/2013

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The RB ideal is to contrive the new car be comfortable to suppress and uphold, I imagine that it will soon be on sale in the globalProvide the 200mm width version and 180mm accustomed version for the players to elect,the mains difference of two versions is that the anterior context suspension components In accordance with the scale,there are one-twenty eighth,one-eighteenth,one-tenth,one-eighth,one-fifth If the speed is not your pursuit,you can choose like true rank is high or RC Helicopters RC cars with all kinds of exciting gala,such as walking a container truck look almost like real,impel giant truck to overcome the rugged roads,the Takumi of playing first D driving a AE86 drift remote supervise carve out car to send bean curd,which is also chock-full of provocative remote suppress enjoy The new wave crate draft can provide midship or tail set motor installation Settings0 jalopy shellBittydesign launched the new Striker - SR 2


enfin un site qui est mis a jours assez régulièrement contrairement a d autres !
félicitation les gars continuez
jean Yve

Pierre Lartgue Le 15/04/2011

félicitation pour votre site, j'ai de très bon souvenir des premiers 6 heures de tarsacq je compte bien y revenir en 2012

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